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CHILD-UP researches different levels of integration of migrant children in Europe with the primary aim of proposing an innovative approach to improve their social condition and to disseminate the project outcomes by involving relevant national and international stakeholders.

CHILD-UP focuses on migrant children with the aim of fostering the understanding of their social integration within schools and their active participation for a successful inclusion. This objective is achieved through an innovative research approach focused on the concept of children agency.

CHILD-UP training is accessible as a Massive Open Online Course. Access to MOOC offers hybrid learning experiences in that you can (i) print off hard copies of each module and related materials to use them in practice or (ii) engage with online power point training and online modules. Each module in the MOOC will engage with data from the different national contexts of the CHILD-UP research and across several age ranges. Data from CHILD-UP in form of transcripts of adult-children interactions, and sometimes of video- and audio-recordings are used to discuss, compare and analyse practices of working with children, and their different impact on children’s agency. MOOC modules are logically articulated into sections so that participants can pause, return to practice, undertake observations and then return to the MOOC at a later time. Each module includes reflective questions that allow self-assessment of learning but as well as offering direction for observing professional practice through the lenses of the promotion of children’s agency. The MOOC can be undertaken individually or as part of collective training. Module 13 of the MOOC support the use of materials to enhance children’s agency, in particular materials available through the CHILD- UP archive.

Please contact Sara Amadasi in case you are interested to access the CHILD-UP training on the MOOC. Please name the object of the email “CHILD-UP MOOC access request”

CHILD-UP Archive can be accessed throughout a free online sign-up. The archive is a large repository of data from CHILD-UP research, which is available to support working with children. Data included in the archive offers examples of successful promotion of children’s agency in form of transcripts, video- or audio- recordings across age ranges, from pre-school settings to secondary school settings. Data from CHILD-UP offer the users opportunity to compare the contexts of their work with children with other settings in different national contexts. The archive also includes data from interviews and questionnaires aimed to gather the assessment of children and professionals concerning practices to promote children’s active participation.

Please contact Sara Amadasi in case you are interested to access the CHILD-UP archive. Please name the object of the email “CHILD-UP archive access request”